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Brain tumours continue to kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer. Brain tumour deaths are rising, representing 2.6% of all deaths from cancer. They kill more children than leukaemia, more men under 45 than prostate cancer and more women under 35 than breast cancer.

In the UK, 16,000 people each year are diagnosed with a brain tumour. Less than 20% of brain tumour patients survive beyond five years of their diagnosis, whereas 86% of breast cancer and 51% of leukaemia patients survive beyond five years.

This Is How We Plan To Change The Tide

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Coping Strategies


Some people plan 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day to meet their nutritional needs.
Be sure to utilise all food groups. Maximise nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colours.

Drink Water

Dehydration can increase symptoms of fatigue. Plan to drink water before or with every meal, and also throughout the day.
Keep water handy and limit beverages with caffeine (coffee, tea, cola drinks, etc).

Avoid Inactivity

Talk to your medical team about incorporating gentle exercise in your daily routine.
Walking, stretching, water exercise, Tai Chi and other forms of activity can actually improve fatigue

Sleep & Rest

While daytime naps can be helpful at times, limit them to under 30 minutes daily so they do not reduce nighttime sleepiness.
Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps your body develop a regular sleep routine.

Energy Conservation

One of the most important coping techniques is learning to conserve and manage a limited amount of energy.
Make lists.
Decide to do only those activities that are most meaningful or important.

Avoid Overload

Look for a quiet place to recover from over stimulation or avoid it entirely when possible. Limit time in front of a TV or computer screen.

Energy Levels

Listen to your body!
Rest and recharge yourself before you become completely exhausted. Find a place to sit when you are feeling unsteady.


Time is limited for everyone. Daily life can so easily become overwhelming.
Learn to focus on people and activities that are most meaningful and important to you.

Positive People

One of the most powerful positive influences can be simply spending time (or talking with) people who help you feel better about things.
Attitudes are contagious!
Optimistic feelings tend to multiply.


Spirituality can be a powerful part of health and healing. Connect with personal and family traditions, explore faith communities and congregations, or celebrate the Universe in your own way.


Notice the positive things around you each day and learn to say “thank you” for whatever brings you joy.
Celebrate your blessings!
Keep a list of people, places and things that make you smile.

Ask For Help

Asking friends and family to help (and being willing to accept their help) can free up energy to use for other tasks. Be as specific as possible when you make a request for help.

Say No

Especially if you have reduced energy and endurance, it’s important to minimise your “things to do” list.
Learn to say NO to any requests that you cannot – or do not want – to do.

Enjoy Life

Making time for humour, music, creative arts, and other sources of pleasure each day may improve your quality of life.
Be sure to include activities where you “lose track of time” and can feel relaxed.


Breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, visualisation and imagery can help reduce stress.
Use 5-minute stress breaks. Journal writing allows you to keep notes about your feelings and symptoms.


Being honest about how fatigue affects your life can help you cope more effectively.
Be patient and gentle with yourself, especially when things are difficult.

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